Friday, June 30, 2006

Me and Anna tied Nicola down...

So, another day/(slash)night.. i'm really very confused after staying up all night last night. Moved out of halls today, incredibly sad! what shall i do without the famous blackstone? I waved goodbye to 'Oh Mandy' today, indeed it was a sad time as she departed in the snow plough to frosty hollow, with 'mam' and 'tad'. However i am sure she will make contact with the outside world enough to let us know how she is getting on whilst we all enjoy the sun elsewhere in the world. Maybe we will go and visit? hmmm...what fun! Me, Anna and Nicola have all spent the perfect last night in Reading with a chinese, and more aimless laughter, mostly to do with the manly noises protruding from my tummy, and Anna's strange deep voice problem that occured tonight. Sleep deprivation does funny to us otherwise elegant women. Ed has travelled away to fair old lacey green today, but i feel that theres still a part of him still here in our manly ways this eve.

I again just had an amazing revelation of God's amazingness! He not only gives us grace and saved us, but he actually chose to show his glory through us. I never cease to wonder. I don't think i'll ever be able to get enough of what God has done!Its so much to comprehend. Wow! I'm so happy that he's given me some new amazing friends in the CEx guys too. They are all so much fun to be around!


Baby Blogger!

Yay...I've just toddled my first steps into the big wide world of blogging. Oh the fun! I'm so excited i dont actually know what to write??? Hmmm... maybe this is due to lack of sleep from the mad never ending day/night which i fear i may have successfully laughed about pretty much nothing for a whole evening/night. However i can rest safely in the knowledge that.. we will have the book of uh.....(what goes in a quote book again?) oh ye.. quotes! That book im sure will go down in history. Why do we say go down in history.. thats weird.. its like a positive thing... but it sounds so negative.. surely things should go up?? hmm.. anyway.. going to go pack now ready to head of to my fair homeland (a.k.a) Spammy land of Wales! where by the way... it is always christmas, but never winter!