Friday, June 30, 2006

Baby Blogger!

Yay...I've just toddled my first steps into the big wide world of blogging. Oh the fun! I'm so excited i dont actually know what to write??? Hmmm... maybe this is due to lack of sleep from the mad never ending day/night which i fear i may have successfully laughed about pretty much nothing for a whole evening/night. However i can rest safely in the knowledge that.. we will have the book of uh.....(what goes in a quote book again?) oh ye.. quotes! That book im sure will go down in history. Why do we say go down in history.. thats weird.. its like a positive thing... but it sounds so negative.. surely things should go up?? hmm.. anyway.. going to go pack now ready to head of to my fair homeland (a.k.a) Spammy land of Wales! where by the way... it is always christmas, but never winter!


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