Sunday, July 09, 2006


hmm.. so much to blog about. I ate well at church today! This morning the focus was Romans 12. There's a bit of a Romans vibe going on at the moment. I'm feeling its a good thing. We talked about differences in people and their gifts and different parts of the body all working together. Then my mind was just completely blown as the minister started talking about how we should weep with those who weep and rejoice with those who rejoice. (vs. 15). He said that in order to work together as one body we need to love each other and in doing so be there to support each other. We can't always understand what people are going but we can weep with them regardless of what we have experiences ourselves. Sometimes we need to put our rejoicing aside and be selfless and join hand with somebody who needs our help and time.Also in referring to vs 5-8 he started talking about how we should build people up in their gifts and not stand in their way, and we should encourage on another.

Following on from this the evening service was about conflict and how many conflicts can be solved if our focus in it all is to show God's glory as the most important thing. We shouldn't be selfish and think about what we want. Also we shouldn't just up and leave if we have a problem with a church without resolving it because we will just take the problem around with us to other churches. We are always going to come across conflict with people but we need to presevere in perfect love.

This was a very good day for me.. i haven't said half of what i wanted to becuase i have a pea sized memory, but this was the gist of it all. I may try and remember more and blog again.


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