Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Lazee Dayz

Well.. i spent the day lazing around in the sun today. Was sooo nice for a change. I did productively apply for a job though. It would be really good if you could all pray. I'm waiting for a reply to see if i get an interview or get the job without one. Its working in the welsh assembly government so it would be a really good oppurtunity for me. Went to the beach this evening with my church youth group, played an excellent game of volleyball with apparantly no rules involved. hehe. very amusing.


  • At 7:59 AM, Anonymous Jim "The revelator" said…

    Aha! I chose this blog to comment on!

    Well it's alright for some lazing about! Some of us hav got to work and finish off science assignments which were failed! I can' believe you would just lay there and sit around whilst I had to work.

    Not ammused at all young lady!

    Just got back frm shopping now so am all fixed for shoe wear now!

    Speak soon

    Jim "The revelator" xxx


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