Saturday, July 01, 2006


Today was stupendous (we decided we’re bored of the word amazing, so I thought I’d throw a new one in there!) I got up immensely early 7:15, argh! However much to my joy it was well worth it as me, Anna and Nicola were going to the Reading Family church (a.k.a Fam) women’s breakfast. I blogged a quote from the bible on here earlier because I was so eager to tell about it. They gave us all a red balloon with a book mark with that quote on it. How sweet! The food was great, all very civilised, (see I told you we can be lady-like!)

Living Life

Liz Green spoke about living life as a woman of God and talked about how we were predestined to be exactly as we are, ‘Fearfully and wonderfully made’. She talked about ‘to live’ being a verb and therefore not a passive thing. We should be getting involved and doing things for God to show his glory through us. Jesus came so that we may not just have life, but life in abundance. It was amazing to grasp that truth today. I was talking last night about how grateful I am for my friends and I was reminded of the importance of that again today. Liz was saying about how we should take responsibility for our relationships and referred to Proverbs – ‘a wise woman builds her house’. This doesn’t just involved friends though, we influence people all the time even if its only a few minutes.

Unique Life

Liz talked about us all being like Mona Lisa’s; we were only made once and can never be made again in the same way. I was really challenged to think about what makes me me and realised that I’m not sure I really know. I am trusting that God will show me more of his plan as I grow and learn and that through this into what he has called me to be. We talked about life being full of ‘rise up’ moments, when we are challenged and need to stand strong, but God has given us all armour to do this. We can stand on the word of God as our rock.

Living a Worshipping Life

What should we do with our potential? We all have the potential to do big things. What constitutes something big in this world though is not necessarily big to God. The woman that poured out oil on Jesus’ feet gave everything she had to him and made a big statement of her love for him in that one act. It didn’t appear to be much, but it was. Just as the woman only had one bottle of oil to pour, we only have one life to pour out on Jesus. We should then lavish our potential on Jesus. The presence of Jesus in this world now is represented in the body of the church and so we should be pouring out our God given potential and gifts on the church of Jesus.

Women (Warrior Princess’)

God in heaven loves you! You have a company of women who believe in you. Encourage one another. We need each others fellowship.

Well I’ve just successfully ranted about women for a whole blog, but you men are great too, and are a great help to us.


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